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Word(s) Abbreviation Description
Abbreviate Abbreviation ABRV
Academic ACAD
Accept Acceptance Accepted ACPT
Access ACCS
Accident ACDNT
Accomplish Accomplishment Accomplishments ACMP
Account* ACCT*
Accounting* ACCTG*
Accounts Payable Advanced Placement AP
Accounts Receivable AR
Accredited ACRD
Accrual ACRL
Accumulated* ACCUM*
Accumulation Accumulative ACUM
Achieve Achievement ACHV
Acquisition* ACQ*
Act Active Activity American College Test ACT
Action* ACTN*
Actual ACTL
Add Added ADD
Additional* ADDL*
Address* ADDR* Narrative data which describes a person, place or thing's location
Ad hoc ADHC
Adjudicate Adjudicated Adjudication ADJD
Adjusted Gross Income AGI
Adjustment* ADJ*
Administered Administrated Administration ADM
Admissible Admission ADMS
Admittance Admitted ADMT
Advanced Placement Accounts Payable AP
Advice ADVC
Affiliation AFFL
After AFT
Agency AGCY
Agent AGNT
Alien ALN
Allocate Allocation* ALLOC*
Alpha ALPH
Alter Alternate ALT
Alumni Alumnus ALMN
AM AM "Ante Meridiem" (morning)
American College Test Act Active Activity ACT
Amount* AMT* Monetary value(s)
Analysis ANLS
Annual* ANNL*
Anonymous ANON
Answer ANS
Apartment APT
Appeal Appealed APEL
Applicant* APP*
Application* APPL*
Appointment APPT
Approval Approve APRV
Array ARAY
Arrears ARRS
Ascending ASC
Assign Assigned Assignment ASGN
Association ASSC
Assumption ASMP
Athlete Athletic ATHL
Attach ATCH
Attempt ATMPT
Attend Attendance ATND
Attention ATTN
Attribute ATTR
Audit Audited ADT
Authority Authorize AUTH
Auxiliary AUX
Availability Available AVL
Average AVG The mean of two or more numbers
Average Cumulative Grade ACG
Award Awarded AWRD
Balance* BAL* The net value (balance) of an account
Bank BNK
Bargain BARG
Base Basic BAS
Batch BTCH
Before BEF
Begin Beginning BEGN
Beginning of Term BOT
Benefits BEN
Bill Billing BILL
Billing and Receivables System BRS
Birth BRTH
Board BRD
Break BRK
Budget Budgetable BUD
Budget Balance Account BBA
Build Building BLD
Business BUS
Business Unit* BU*
Buy Buyer BUY
Calculate Calculated Calculation* CALC*
Calendar* CAL*
Campaign CMPN
Campus CMPS
Cancel Canceled CAN
Capacity CAP
Capitalization CPLZ
Card CRD
Career CAR
Carrier CRIR
Cartridge CART
Case CSE
Cash CSH
Catalog CTLG
Category* CATG*
Census CENS
Center CTR
Certificate Certification CERT
Change Changed CHG
Chapter CHAP
Charge CRG
Chartfield CHARTF
Check Checked CHK
Citizen Citizenship CTZN
City CTY
Class CLAS
Clear Cleared CLR
Close CLO
Club CLB
Code* CD* Data which represents encoded values (translate or code table)
Collect Collection CLCT
College COLG
Column CLMN
Combination Combine COMB
Command CMD
Comment CMT An explanatory, illustrative or critical note, remark or observation
Committee CMMTTEE
Company* CO*
Comparative* COMPA*
Competitor CPTR
Complete Completion Compliance CMPL
Component CMPT When the meaning is "part", use abbreviation "PRT".
Composite Compensation COMP
Conditional COND
Confidential CNFD
Confirm Confirmation* CONF*
Constant CNST CST Data which is unchanging or invariable
Contact CTCT
Continue Continuing Continuous CONT
Contract Contractor CNTR
Control* CNTL*
Conversation* CONVR*
Conversion* Convert* Converted CNV*
Correspondence CRSP
Count Counter CNT A number of people or things that have been "counted", such as inventory cycle count
Country CTRY
County CNTY
Course* CRSE*
Coverage* COVRG*
Create CRE
Credential CRDL
Credit* CR* CRDT Use "CR" for field names relating to financial data Use "CRDT" for field names relating to academic work
Cross CRS
Cross List Cross Listed XLST
Cross Reference XREF
Cumulative CUM
Currency* CURR*
Current* CUR*
Cursor CRSR
Custodian CSTN
Customer* CUST*
Daily DLY
Data Processing DP
Date* DT* A calendar day, month, and year (including century)
Date-Time Stamp DTTM
Day* DD* DY* A day of the week (Sunday, Monday, etc.)
Dead Death Deceased DEAD
Debit* DR*
Decimal DEC
Deduct Deduction* DED*
Default* DFLT*
Deficit DFCT
Definition* DEFN*
Degree DEG
Delete DEL
Deliver Delivery DLVR
Demo DMO
Dental DNTL
Department* DEPT*
Department of Motor Vehicles DMV
Dependency Dependent* Depends DEP*
Deposit DPST
Depreciation* DEPR*
Description* DESCR* DSC Narrative data which translates a code or number. When a suffix, use "_DSC" (see Standard Field Name Suffix table).
Design DSGN
Destination* DEST*
Detail* DETL*
Develop Development Deviation DEV
Difference Differential DIFF
Digit DGT
Direct Direction Directional DIR
Disability Disabled DISA
Disbursed Disbursement DSB
Discount* DISC*
Displacement DSPL
Display DISP
Disposition DSP
Distribute Distribution* DIST*
District DSTR
Division DIV
Division of Continuing Education DCE
Document DOC
Donor DONR
Down DN
Drive Driver DRV
Drop DRP
Duplicate* Duplication DUP*
Each EA
Early ERLY
Earn Earned Earnings* EARN*
Earned Income Credit EIC
Educate Education EDU
Effect Effective* EFF*
Effective Date* EFFDT*
Effective Date Sequence* EFFSEQ*
Effort EFRT
Elect Elected Elective ELCT
Electronic Data Interchange EDI
Electronic Funds Transfer EFT
Electronic Mail EM
Eligibility* Eligible ELIG*
Emergency EMRG
Emphasis EMPH
Employee* EE* EMPL
Employee ID* EMPLID*
Employer* ER*
Employment EMPLMT
Encumber Encumbrance ENCB
End Ending END
End of Term EOT
Endorse Endorsement ENDR
Endorsement ENDR
Endow Endowment ENDW
Engineer Engineering ENGN
English ENGL
Enrichment ENRCH
Enrollment ENRL
Enter Entered Entry ENTR
Entitle Entitlement ENTL
Equal Equality Equivalence Equivalent EQ
Equal Employment Opportunity Equal Opportunity EEO
Equip EQP
Error ERR
Establishment ESTB
Ethnic ETHN
Evaluation Evaluator EVAL
Event EVNT
Exam EXM
Exception EXCP
Exclude Exclusion EXCL
Execute Execution EXEC
Exempt Exemption EXMT
Expect Expected EXPC
Expected Family Contribution EFC
Expedite XPDT
Expense Export Express EXP
Experimental EXPM
Expiration Expire EXPR
Export Expense EXP
Extend Extended Extension EXT
External EXTR
Facility FCLT
Faculty FAC
Family FMLY
Family Eduaction Rights and Privacy Act FERPA
Fast FST
Father FATH
Federal FED
Federal Labor and Security Act FLSA
Feet Full Time FT
Field Fields FLD
Final FNL
Financial* FIN*
Financial Aid FA
First FRST
Fiscal FISC
Fiscal Year FY
Fiscal Year to Date FYTD
Fix Fixed FIX
Flag FLG SW Data which functions as a flag or indicator. Used with only two possible states/conditions. Data should normally be "Y" or "N".
Flexible Spending Account FSA
Floor FLR
Foreign FGN
Foreign Key FK
Form FRM
Format FMT
Former FORMR
Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA
Free on Board FOB
Freeze Frozen FRZ
Frequency* FREQ*
Fresh Freshman FRSH
From FR
Fulfill Fulfilled FULF
Full Time FT
Full Time Equivalent FTE
Function Functional FCN
Fund Funding FUND
Future FUT
Garnishment* GARN*
General GENL
General Education Degree GED
General Ledger GL
Geographic Geography GEOG
Gift GFT
Global GLBL
Government GOVT
Grade GDE GRD A value assigned to reflect performance or position on a scale
Grade Point Average GPA
Graduate GRAD
Grant Granted GRNT
Gross GROS
Group GRP
Guarantee GUAR
Guaranteed Student Loan GSL
Guest GST
Handicap Handicapped HAND
Header* HDR*
Health HLTH
Held Hold HLD
Help HLP
Hierarchy HIER
High H Normally used in conjunction with another word (i.e., High School abbreviated as "HS").
High School HS
High School Services HSS
Higher Education HED
Highway HWAY
History HST
Home HM
Honor HONR
Honor Society HSC
Hospital HOSP
Hour HH A duration of time expressed in hours
Hourly HRLY
Hours* HRS*
House Housing HSE
Human Resources HR
Human Resource System HRS
Identification Identifier* Indicator ID* Alphanumeric data which identifies a person, place, or thing
Image IMG
Immune Immunization IMUN
Impact IMPC
Implementation IMPL
Import IMP
Import/Export IMPEXP
Inch IN
Include INCL
Income INCM
Increase Increment INCR
Index INDX
Indicator ID IND
Individual INDV
Individual Student Information Report ISIR
Information INFO
Initial Initialize INIT
Injury* INJ*
Inoculation INOC
Input INPT
Inquiry INQ
Insert ISRT
Institution INST
Instruction Instructional Instructor ISTR
Instructional Need Analysis System INAS
Insurance INS
Inter-Unit* IU*
Interest INT
Interface* INTFC*
Internal INTR
International INTL
Interval INVL
Interview Interviewer INTV
Invent INVN
Inventory INV
Investment* INVEST*
Invitation Invite INVT
Invoice INVC
Issue Issued ISS
Item ITM
Journal* JRNL*
Junior JR
Junior Science JS
Label LBL
Labor LBR
Laboratory LAB
Language LNG
Last List LST
Latitude LAT
Layoff LAYF
Leave LV
Lecture LCTR
Ledger* LED*
Legal LGL
Lender LNDR
Length* LEN*
Letter LTR
Level LVL
Liaison LISN
Liberal Education LBD
Library LIB
License LIC
License Plate Number LIC_PLTE_NBR
Limit* LIM*
Line* Loan LN*
Link Linked LNK
Liquid LIQ
List Last LST
Literal LTRL
Loan Line* LN
Locate Location* LOC*
Lock LK
Locker LKR
Log on LOGON
Long Longest LONG
Long Term Care LTC
Long Term Disability LTD
Longitude LON
Mail Mailer Mailing MAIL
Maintenance* MAINT*
Major MJR
Make MK
Manager MGR
Marital MRTL
Message Agent Server MAS
Mask MSK
Master Academic Records System MARS
Match Matching MTCH
Math MTH
Matriculated Matriculation MTRC
Maximum* MAX*
Medical Medicinal MED
Meet Meeting MT
Member MBR
Membership MSHP
Memo Memorandum MMO
Memorial MEMR
Merchandise MERCHNDS
Merchant MERCH
Merit MERT
Message Messages* MSG*
Meter MTR
Method METH
Microfilm MFILM
Middle MID
Military MIL
Minimum* MIN*
Minor MINR
Minute MNT MM A duration of time expressed in minutes
Miscellaneous MISC
Mode MDE
Modification Modifier MOD
Monetary Money MONY
Month* MM* MN* A calendar month in numeric form (e.g., 01=January)
Month-to-Date* MTD*
Mother MOTH
Multiple MULT
Name NM NME Word(s) by which a person, place or thing is commonly known
National NATL
National Association of College and University Business Officers NACUBO
National Student Loan Direct System NSLDS Commonly known as the "Perkins Loan"
Navigation NAV
Next NXT
Next of Kin NOK
No Charge NC
No Credit NOCR
No Print NPRT
Nominal NOM
Non-Personal Services NPS
Not Applicable NA
Note Notice Notification Notify NOTE
Number* Numeric NBR* Numeric data which identifies a person, place, or thing
Object Objective OBJ
Occupation OCP
Occurs OCC
Offer Offered OFFR
Office OFFC
Officer OFCR
Official OFCL
Online ONLN
Open OPN
Operator* OPR*
Option Optional Options OPT
Order ORDR
Organization Organize ORG
Orientation ORNT
Origin Original Origination ORIG
Other OTHR
Over OVR
Overhead OH
Override OVRD
Overtime OT
Own Owned OWN
Owner OWNR
Packaged PACK
Paper PPR
Parameter* PARM*
Parent PAR
Parity Priority PRTY
Park PRK
Part Partial PRT
Part Time PT
Participation PRTP
Pass Passed PASS
Patron PTRN
Pay Payable Payment PAY
Payroll PYRL
Pedestrian PED
Pell (Pell Grant) PEL
Pending PEND
Pension PENS
Percent* Percentage Percentile PCT* Part of a whole expressed in hundredths
Period* PD*
Period-to-Date* PTD*
Perkins Loan NSLDS Common name for National Student Loan Direct System
Permanent PERM
Permit PRMT
Person PERS
Personal Personnel PSNL
Personal Identification PIN
Personnel Action Notification PAN
Phone PHN
Physics PHYS
Place PLCE
Plan PLN
Plate PLTE
Pledge PLDG
PM PM "Post Meridiem" (afternoon)
Point PNT
Policy PLCY
Position* POSN*
Post Posted POST
Postal PSTL
Potential POTN
Predicted PRED
Preference Preferred PREF
Prefix PRFX
Premium PREM
Prerequisite PREQ
Prescribed PSCR
Presentation PRST
President PRES
Previous Prior PREV
Price PRC
Price Level PL
Primary PRIM
Primary Key PK
Principal Principle PRIN
Principal Investigator PI
Print Printed PRN
Prior Previous PREV
Priority Parity PRTY
Probation Problem PROB
Procedure Process PROC
Profession Professional PRFS
Proficiency PRFC
Profile* PROF*
Program PROG
Project Projected PROJ
Promissory PRMS
Promotion PROM
Proposal PRPS
Prospect PRSP
Province PRVN
Purchase PUR
Purchase Order PO
Purge PRG
Purpose PURP
Qualitative Quality QAL
Quantitative Quantity* QTY* A number of things other than money
Quantity-to-Date Quarter-to-Date* QTD*
Quarter QTR
Question QSTN
Range RNG
Rank RNK Relative standing or position
Rate* RT* Numeric value expressing amount per some unit of coverage
Read Reading READ
Real Reallocation REAL
Reason* RSN*
Recall RCL
Receipt RCPT
Receive Received* RECV*
Receiver RCVR
Recharge RCHG
Recognition Recognize RECG
Recommend RCMD
Reconciliation* RECON*
Record* REC*
Recreate Recreation RECR
Recruit Recruiting RCRT
Reduce Reduced Reduction* RED*
Refer Reference* Referral Referred REF*
Refund RFND
Regional RGNL
Registrar REGR
Registration REG
Reject Rejection RJCT
Relate Relation Relationship RLAT
Release RLSE
Religion Religious RELG
Remaining RMNG
Reminder RMDR
Renewal RNWL
Repeat Repeatable Repeated REPT
Replace Replaced REPL
Reply RPLY
Report* RPT*
Request* Requested Require Required* Requisition* REQ*
Requirements* RQMT*
Research RES
Reserve Reserved RSRV
Reserve Officers Training Corps ROTC
Residence Residency Resident RSDT
Resign RSGN
Resource RSRC
Response RESP
Restart RST
Restock RSTK
Restrict Restricted Restrictions RSTR
Result RSLT
Retire* Retirement* RET*
Retroactive RETR
Return RTN
Revenue REV
Review RVW
Revision REVS
Revoke REVK
Roll RL
Roll up RLUP
Room RM
Route ROUT
RSVP RSVP French abbreviation meaning "please reply"
Run Control RUNCTL
Salary* SAL*
Salutation SLTN
Same SM
Scale SCAL
Schedule* Scheduled Scheduling SCHED*
Scholar Scholarship SCHLR
Scholastic School SCHL
Scholastic Aptitude Test SAT
Science SCI
Score SCR A number that expresses merit or performance
Screen SCRN
Search SRCH
Second SCND SS Use "SCND" for field names relating to number two in a countable series Use "SS" for field names relating to a duration of time expressed in seconds
Section SCTN
Secure Security* SEC*
Segment SEG
Select* Selection Selective SEL*
Semester SEM
Semi Finalist SEMF
Senate Senator SEN
Send SND
Senior SR
Sent SNT
Separate SEPR
Sequence* SEQ*
Serial SERL
Service SERV
Session* SESSN*
Sharing SHR
Sheet SHET
Shelter SHLT
Shift SHFT
Shipping SHIP
Short SHRT
Sign SGN
Simulated SIM
Size SZ
Skill SKL
Skip SKP
Social Society SOC
Social Security Number SSN
Soft SFT
Solid SLID
Sophomore SOPH
Sort SRT
Source SRC
Special Specialty SPCL
Specific Specification SPEC
Sponsor Sponsored SPON
Sports SPRT
Spouse SPSE
Square SQ
Stack STCK
Staff STF
Stage STG
Stamp STMP
Standard STD
Standard Deviation STDV
Start Starting STRT
State ST
Statement STMT
Static STC
Statistics* STAT*
Status STS
Step STP
Stipend STPD
Stock STK
Street STR
String STRG
Structure STRC
Student STU
Student Academic Records SAR
Student Credit Hour SCH
Study STDY
Subcampaign SCMP
Subject SUBJ
Subordinate SUB
Subsidiary SUBS
Suffix SFX
Summation Summary* SUM*
Supervisor* Support SUP*
Supplement Supplemental* SUPL*
Survey SRVY
Switch FLG SW Data which functions as a flag or indicator. Used with only two possible states/conditions. Data should normally be "Y" or "N".
System SYS
Table Tables TBL
Taken TKN
Target TRGT
Taught TGHT
Tax Taxable TX
Tax ID Number TIN
Temperature TEMP
Template* TMPL*
Temporary TMP
Tenure TENR
Term TRM
Terminal TRML
Terminate TRMT
Test TST
Text TXT Narrative informational data such as a message or error text
Thermidor THERM 13th Month
Ticket TKT
Time TM Hours and minutes. May include seconds, hundredths of seconds.
Time keeping TMKP
Time-stamp TS A system generated Time-stamp
Title TITL
Today TDY
Total* TOT*
Town CTY
Track Tracking TRK
Traditional TRAD
Training* TRN*
Transact Transaction* TRANS*
Transcript TSCP
Transfer* XFER*
Translate Translation XLT Meaning "Crosswalk Table"
Transmit Transmittal XMIT
Travel TRVL
Tuition* TUIT*
Type TYP
Undergraduate UGRD
Unemployment UNEMPL
Unit of Measure* UOM*
Universal UNVRSL
University UNIV
Unpaid UNPD
Unsecure Unsecured UNSEC
Update Updated UPDT
Upper UPR
US Department of Education USDE
Use Used USE
User USR
Vacation* VACN*
Valedictorian VLDC
Valid Validate Validation VLD
Value VAL
Variable VAR
Vehicle* VEH*
Vendor VEND
Verbal VRBL
Verify Verified VERF
Veteran VET
Vice President VP
Violation VIO
Visit VST
Voucher VCHR
W2 W2
W4 W4
W9 W9
Waived WVED
Week Work Worked Worker(s) WK
Width WID
With W Normally used as part of a compound word (i.e., Withdrawl abbreviated as "WDRL").
Withdrawal WDRL
Withhold Withholding WHLD
Women WMN
Worksheet WKST
Write Written WRT
Year* YR* YY* A calendar year, including century (e.g., 1997)
Year-to-Date* YTD*
Zone ZN


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